Our story begin with your stories

You go partying and once again you’ll be focused on your drink rather than enjoying the night. 

‘Cause we all think "Noooo, this won’t happen to me!"… Until it happens: someone spikes your drink. 

It can be just an insignificant scare... or it can escalate to something worse. 

Solution? Cover the drink with your hand, with a napkin... or finish it quickly without enjoying it. 

Pretty shitty... Right? 

What if we told you that the solution to enjoy the party without worrying can be held in your hair or on your wrist? 

Oh yes, my friend.

Secure Cup is the scrunchie that ties your hair and unties you from worrying. It couldn't be easier to use. It also keeps your drink safe from Covid, dirt, bugs…

Use it, wash it, dry it and... ready to go for another night!

Oh, and it has a bonus feature: your mother will sleep peacefully the entire night without concerns. Give your cup an “I'm a girl who knows what she wants” touch with Secure Cup.